Instead of trying to give you ‘helpful hints’, Paint-ability would like to tell you about our own guidelines for working with clients.

We know that they are different from a lot of painters and decorators and that is what makes Paint-ability stand out – we are proud of our service and working practise.

Uniforms – we are always in uniform.

Manners – we are always polite and friendly.

Punctuality – we are always on time, usually early. We begin work at 8am and agree the time we will finish each day with you.

Quotations – after seeing you we usually have a written quotation with you in 24 hours.

Floor protection – we always use clean dust sheets in each room that we are decorating for you. These are used throughout the room – not just where we are working. We always protect the floor before commencing any work.

Furniture protection – where possible we will ask that your furniture is removed from the rooms we are decorating. Where this is not possible we will protect the furniture.

Specialist protection – we also use other types of specialist protection, for example a ‘film’ that can be applied to your staircase. Please talk to us for more information.

Tidying – we tidy up at the end of each day, leaving your home as we found it. This includes vacuuming, removing the dust sheets and wiping down surfaces like skirting boards.

Equipment – we always keep our tools, equipment and paint in a safe and tidy way. We ensure that none of our equipment will be in your way or disrupt you.

At Paint-ability we do what say and deliver what we promise. We believe strongly in outstanding customer service and quality.

You won’t see our uniforms covered in paint or our vehicles in a mess – inside or outside.

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