Many people think about the inside of their home, but the outside is just as important. Being exposed to the elements – whether sun, rain or wind, the exterior of your home needs looking after too.

Paint-ability carry out a lot of exterior decorating and it goes beyond just painting. The timber on window frames (and any other timber) needs to be properly prepared before being painted.

When we come and look at the outside of your home we will recommend what we think needs to be done.

Paint-ability will always prepare all surfaces before painting them. We will also advise you on anything else that we see which may need some attention.

Exterior decorating can often involve using light scaffolding to reach the upper levels of your home. Paint-ability take health and safety very seriously – we assess the risk level before beginning work to ensure that we have the right equipment with us. We have also invested in our own state of the art scaffolding and our team are fully trained to work safely.

Decorating the exterior of your home has a limited season – Paint-ability will only undertake exterior works during this period because the results will not be as durable outside of it.

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